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The aim of this book is to provide an overview of the three classes of tasks in the statistical modeling: description, prediction and causal inference (76). Statistical inference is often required for all three tasks. Short introduction to frequentist null-hypothesis testing, Bayesian estimation and bootstrap are provided. Special attention is given to the practical significance with the introduction of magnitude-based estimators and statistical inference by using the concept of smallest effect size of interest (SESOI). Measurement error is discussed with the particular aim of interpreting individual change scores. In the second part of this book, common sports science problems are introduced and analyzed with the bmbstats package.

This book, as well as the bmbstats package are in active open-source development. Please be free to contribute pull request at GitHub when you spot an issue or have an improvement idea. I am hoping both this book and the bmbstats package to be collaborative tools that can help both up-and-coming as well as experienced researchers and sports scientists.

R and R packages

This book is fully reproducible and was written in R (154) and the R-packages automatic (117), bayestestR (128), bmbstats (97), bookdown (205), boot (39), carData (52), caret (109), cowplot (201), directlabels (80), dorem (96), dplyr (194), effects (4951), forcats (192), ggplot2 (190), ggridges (202), ggstance (70), hardhat (184), kableExtra (208), knitr (204), lattice (173), markdown (3), Metrics (64), minerva (1), mlr (17,19,116), mlr3 (116), mlrmbo (19), multilabel (152), nlme (151), openml (32), ParamHelpers (18), pdp (62), psych (156), purrr (69), readr (196), rpart (182), shorts (95), stringr (191), tibble (141), tidyr (195), tidyverse (193), vip (61), visreg (26), and vjsim (98).


Creative Commons Licence

This work, as a whole, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The code contained in this book is simultaneously available under the MIT license; this means that you are free to use it in your own packages, as long as you cite the source.


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